I have a crush on Baz Luhrmann

Got back from La Boheme a little while ago. Loved loved loved it. I may not be the most impartial judge, though, because I have an art crush on Baz Luhrmann… meaning that I’m completely crushed out on the art, but not on the artist. (A distinction I have learned to make through life experience, particularly with one painter — also called trial and error). I also happen to be not much of a purist or preservationist and so am a big fan of trying to update classics, especially when it’s done to make a piece more relevant and to bring in new audiences into the art form. So if you don’t agree with that for starters, I understand how his work might not work for you. For me it’s all a spectacular spectacular!

Paul sent me this article on the new Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, and I’m delighted to know that “ass-backwards” has made it in, as well as “spokesmodel” and “dilithium crystal.” I’m not sure how I feel about the phrase “body dismorphic disorder,” but I guess it’s an outcropping of our “identity politics” movements (a phrase I know very well). I am curious about the story behind the phrase “bunny boiler” (a woman who is vindictive after having been spurned by her lover)… on second thought, maybe I don’t want to hear that story. But nothing beats the fact that “up to eleven” is now in there! Spinal Tap will live on!

–cianna, who’s now waiting for the inclusion of the phrase “as if” because she’s interested in hearing the definition


I must confess a certain level of excitement about the current word, “illeist.” I have been an illeist signator for ages, amused by letting people know a little addiitonal information or cracking a bit of a joke at the end of an email. I never knew the word for someone who did anything like that. So today I’m a bit thrilled.

–cianna, who is quite a nerd at times, but enjoys it.


feeling a little overwhelmed, thought about the word overwhelm, about the word underwhelm, wondered if you could just be whelmed? looked it up in the dictionary. Apparently whelm means: to engulf, to submerge, to overwhelm. That’s ridiculous. Since when does a word mean an extension of itself?