Ask Stupid Questions

So many times we’ve heard someone say “There are no stupid questions.” They’re trying to invite us to ask any question that comes to mind. But we don’t trust this phrase because too often even though this is said, we… (READ MORE)

on using “their” vs “his or hers”

The question of whether or not to use “their” to replace the awkward “his or hers” has been the eye of a grammarian hurricane for some time now. I’ve found that this usage has been generally accepted, particularly in the… (READ MORE)

I have a crush on Baz Luhrmann

Got back from La Boheme a little while ago. Loved loved loved it. I may not be the most impartial judge, though, because I have an art crush on Baz Luhrmann… meaning that I’m completely crushed out on the art,… (READ MORE)


I must confess a certain level of excitement about the current word, “illeist.” I have been an illeist signator for ages, amused by letting people know a little addiitonal information or cracking a bit of a joke at the end… (READ MORE)


feeling a little overwhelmed, thought about the word overwhelm, about the word underwhelm, wondered if you could just be whelmed? looked it up in the dictionary. Apparently whelm means: to engulf, to submerge, to overwhelm. That’s ridiculous. Since when does… (READ MORE)