big questions

Wow. Longform Podcast interview with Hillary Clinton

  Wow. I have been resisting reading Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened,” because – well… heartbreak. I couldn’t bear it. But I love the Longform Podcast. They thoughtfully interview writers, podcasters, journalists, and others who create non-fiction. The focus is… (READ MORE)

contemplation on steam

making coffee, half-awake, I watched the liquid in the pot heating, saw the steam rising, watched the tiniest of bubbles on the surface. They bounced off each other, jostling at ever-greater speeds as they heated up and I thought about… (READ MORE)

Adoptive Couple vs Baby Girl

Wow. I just heard the incredible Radiolab episode, “Adoptive Couple vs Baby Girl.” This is about a very complex case (originally written up in Slate) triggered by what at first glance seems to be just a custody case. But then… (READ MORE)

Having Compassion for the Wealthy

I’m currently reading The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist. In it, I was struck by this: My fund-raising work with the very wealthy taught me that, surprisingly, wealth is no protection from human suffering. …People with excess wealth – not… (READ MORE)