problems with the print version

I’ve decided I want to share the process of becoming a self-published author. I’m partway in and plan to go back and fill in the “how did I get to this point” gap. Then again, I hear that it’s going… (READ MORE)

Wow. Longform Podcast interview with Hillary Clinton

  Wow. I have been resisting reading Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened,” because – well… heartbreak. I couldn’t bear it. But I love the Longform Podcast. They thoughtfully interview writers, podcasters, journalists, and others who create non-fiction. The focus is… (READ MORE)

contemplating the use of headlines

This morning I reposted here something that I originally posted on Facebook. I did it because I wanted to save it, to edit it, and to share it in a different medium. It was all fine until I had to write… (READ MORE)

contemplation on steam

making coffee, half-awake, I watched the liquid in the pot heating, saw the steam rising, watched the tiniest of bubbles on the surface. They bounced off each other, jostling at ever-greater speeds as they heated up and I thought about… (READ MORE)

on using “their” vs “his or hers”

The question of whether or not to use “their” to replace the awkward “his or hers” has been the eye of a grammarian hurricane for some time now. I’ve found that this usage has been generally accepted, particularly in the… (READ MORE)

Adventures in Book Cover Design

I am very pleased to report that I found a book jacket designer! He’s just amazing and easy to work with. In fact, after just one conversation he cranked out a beautiful design that blew my mind. Seeing it, I… (READ MORE)