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Book Report: “Give & Take” by Adam Grant

I thoroughly enjoyed Adam Grant’s “Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success” and think everyone should read it – particularly those of us who feel awkward about networking or doing something that would benefit from promotion but feel… (READ MORE)

Ask Stupid Questions

So many times we’ve heard someone say “There are no stupid questions.” They’re trying to invite us to ask any question that comes to mind. But we don’t trust this phrase because too often even though this is said, we… (READ MORE)

my destructive self-talk

My destructive self-talk often stems from having an over-abundance of interests duking it out with over-achieving perfectionist expectations. “If only I could focus on something and commit then I could actually get REALLY good at it!” I know this is… (READ MORE)

Having Compassion for the Wealthy

I’m currently reading The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist. In it, I was struck by this: My fund-raising work with the very wealthy taught me that, surprisingly, wealth is no protection from human suffering. …People with excess wealth – not… (READ MORE)

The Power of Listening

I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about communication – primarily between individual people, and between businesses and their customers/clients/partners. It’s important to create the space to listen. “Creating space” certainly includes staying quiet so that someone else can speak…. (READ MORE)

The Reactive Boyfriend

For those of you who read & enjoyed the 5 Modes of Interacting, I share with you this wonderful little video about what could happen if you get stuck in Reactive/Responsive mode when it comes to relationships:

When Regret is in the Way

For years I played music and it gave me great joy. It was one of my primary activities, something I did both for fun and in my studies. Then I discovered theater and by the time I was in college,… (READ MORE)

Dealing with your Inner Critic

In my work with people on how to stop complaining, we always get to a point where they ask, “I get how to control what I say, but how do I stop complaining about myself? How do I shut up… (READ MORE)

5 Modes of Interacting

I’m fascinated by how we all learn how to be with each other. I’ve spent a good portion of the past few years reading books on psychology, neurology, self-development, behavioral economics, sociology, and philosophy. I’ve also been taking classes, doing a… (READ MORE)