life lessons

Which has more pull: Past or Future?

This idea caught my attention the other day: Learning to pay attention to the difference between taking an action in order to avoid the past vs. taking an action in order to realize a possible future. When I’m motivated by… (READ MORE)

The Courage to be Goofy

In her wonderful blog, Ordinary Courage, Brene Brown wrote: “It takes courage to be awkward, goofy, and silly.” This made me think of so many things at once. I remembered that when I was directing theater, I would challenge actors… (READ MORE)

Letting Go of the Need To Be Right

“Communication is only as good as how it lands.” This is one of the most clear and true things that I’ve learned in recent months. I’ve witnessed (and been part of) numerous arguments which included the words “that’s not what… (READ MORE)

“And to me, I leave…”

Every day is built on the day before. That means that every day we inherit the life that was left to us yesterday. That means that every day I am creating the foundation for tomorrow. So what if I took… (READ MORE)

some rules matter. others, not so much

I discovered a fun fact about myself vis a vis “rules”: I believe strongly that rules are important. One of my favorite things is to challenge myself to be as creative as possible without breaking any rules. This is why… (READ MORE)

Under the New Years Resolution

It’s a few days after New Years. I imagine that most of us are still on our resolutions but they might already be waning. I know I struggle with mine. And I was thinking about a couple of different things:… (READ MORE)

Unexpected Community

In Georgia there’s a man I never expected to feel connected with, and am happy to learn I was wrong. Bishop Jim Swilley is the pastor of a megachurch, son of ministers, and now father to one. And he recently… (READ MORE)

and so I wear purple today

Today many people are wearing purple in solidarity against the bullying which has made life hell for LGBT teens for so long. Some may wonder about the value of such “passive” acts of activism, even if is does count as… (READ MORE)

How “Unconditional”?

Here’s a little conundrum that’s been swirling about in my thinking recently: I’ve been talking with people for a while now about their ideals for being loved. Usually this is in the context of romantic love, but it actually extends… (READ MORE)

Sarcasm, Love, Intelligence, Fear

At what point did being cool, aloof, and sarcastic get aligned with intelligence and worldliness? And at what point did being loving, optimistic, and emotional get merged with (at best) naiveté or (at worst) being simple-minded?