life lessons

No more Work vs. Life

Here’s a phrase that I would like to see banished: Work/Life Balance. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for making a concerted effort to identify things that nourish you and then consciously making time to do those things. It’s the… (READ MORE)

Letting the body lead the mind

Years ago I read about a fascinating psychology study. Research subjects were instructed to watch a short film clip while holding a pencil in their mouths. As I remember it, the film had no words and it showed a man… (READ MORE)

I am blessed

“Blessed” always has such a strange ring to me. I took issue with the word first when I rejected religious institutions as a child, and then later when I encountered people who I felt overused the term as they cruised… (READ MORE)

Limit to independence

There’s a strong need in our society to be independent. It’s certainly something that I internalized as one of the highest values, as one of my defining characteristics. But humans are inherently social creatures. We are so wired to each… (READ MORE)

Last Impression

We think and talk a lot about “making a good first impression” but not as much about “making a good last impression.” The last impression is the one you’ll go back to and think about and have to live with… (READ MORE)

Unlearn Boredom

I honestly don’t remember the last time I was bored. I’ve been spacey, lost, exhausted, confused, frustrated, blocked, and any number of other states of Not-Doing, but not “bored”. I’ve been thinking about this because my 8 year old nephew… (READ MORE)

Sharing Your Mana

I love wrapping presents. Yes, partially because it’s creative, but mostly because it’s so much more.¬†While I’m folding papers and gluing little bits of this and that to the outside, I’m imagining the recipient’s reaction upon seeing this thing that’s… (READ MORE)

Inside vs Outside

“Don’t compare your inside with someone else’s outside.” This is one of the most powerful things I’ve been told. As I’ve shared it with others, I’ve seen a profound shift in their thinking. What does it mean? When we look… (READ MORE)

The decision to stop complaining

Sometime in January or February of 2006 I gave myself a serious challenge: I decided to stop complaining. It had been about seven months since my One And Only Forever had dumped me unceremoniously and without warning, taking with him… (READ MORE)