problems with the print version

I’ve decided I want to share the process of becoming a self-published author. I’m partway in and plan to go back and fill in the “how did I get to this point” gap. Then again, I hear that it’s going… (READ MORE)

Book Report: “Give & Take” by Adam Grant

I thoroughly enjoyed Adam Grant’s “Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success” and think everyone should read it – particularly those of us who feel awkward about networking or doing something that would benefit from promotion but feel… (READ MORE)

Daily Habits Scoresheet

I’d say one of my biggest problems challenges is consistency. Exhibit A: This blog. I know about lots of things that, if done consistently, would improve my physical health, mental health, and productivity. Heck, I’ve even coached people to do… (READ MORE)

Ask Stupid Questions

So many times we’ve heard someone say “There are no stupid questions.” They’re trying to invite us to ask any question that comes to mind. But we don’t trust this phrase because too often even though this is said, we… (READ MORE)

Having Compassion for the Wealthy

I’m currently reading The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist. In it, I was struck by this: My fund-raising work with the very wealthy taught me that, surprisingly, wealth is no protection from human suffering. …People with excess wealth – not… (READ MORE)

I love the Wacom

I am seriously missing my Wacom Tablet. I dropped the stylus about a week ago or so and it stopped working. Since then I’ve been back using a mouse or just the trackpad (mostly a mouse) and now my hand… (READ MORE)


When I moved in, I joked that I couldn’t believe I found one of the only second floor apartments in LA… It was a bummer when I was carrying all my boxes of books up the stairs, but it’s pretty… (READ MORE)

I’m having fears

Did you hear about the bombings in the Philippines today? I’m a little flipped out. I’m only a little worried that my family might have been injured. I’m more worried about my friends. But what really gets to me is… (READ MORE)

yay for voice chat!

Yeah!!! Spoke with Troy today for the first time since he arrived in Vienna. Let’s hear it for voice chat on Yahoo messenger!! Troy said it was even clearer than when he used a landline there to call a bank… (READ MORE)