I’m currently sitting at the Apple Store in the Grove. Waiting for my turn at the “Genius Bar.” I’m glad they have a wireless network so I can keep myself busy. Life feels really nutty at the same time it’s… (READ MORE)

we’re going to Vienna!

That’s it! Troy got his work permit from the Austrian government today so he has perhaps 2 more weeks in the U.S. Whew! Then it’s off to Vienna! For those of you who actually use the blog to keep up,… (READ MORE)

One month in LA today…

Feels kind of strange. I think I’m beginning to accept that I’m actually living here, not just passing through on an extended stay as I did on all previous long stays in this city. A feeling that is amplified by… (READ MORE)

I’m not so LA

Apparently, I forgot that I was in LA. I’m sitting in a cafe that I walked to (my neighbor gave me driving directions, but I knew it was only 2 blocks away). I also rode my bike to and from… (READ MORE)

2 weeks in LA

Nearly 2 weeks in LA… It’s felt like an odd and somewhat disconnected time overall. The job is great, and the people turn out to be even more excellent than their first impressions led me to believe. Nice (and rare)… (READ MORE)

First Day

First day in LA, first day at the new job. Pretty dang cool place to work, I’m thinking. Day was slow, just getting oriented, but still actually productive. It’s awfully nice to be working again. Something about my last consulting… (READ MORE)

counting down the hours

It’s coming down to the wire. Today is our day to rent the truck and throw stuff into storage. Even though I’ve brought several carloads to Goodwill, have donated other things to art programs, have thrown away many bags of… (READ MORE)

can I go light?

Trying to pack everything up. I’ve been bitten by the “go light” bug and am trying to shed furniture. Since I don’t think of myself as “moving to LA” (in my mind I’m going there temporarily for one job”), I… (READ MORE)

what now?

Well I made it through my 9 days of working solid, pretty much day and night. They left me tired, thoughtful, and a little sick. It’s always harder to catch up on sleep when I’m having a hard time breathing…. (READ MORE)