overloaded, with a purpose

feeling tired and a little overloaded. Currently working 6pm-2am for 4 days at REI, getting ready to teach a class all day Saturday for Cal State Hayward, and also prepping for meetings with two different agencies on Thursday (my one… (READ MORE)

in the ‘burbs

Hanging out in Clayton today… Mother’s Day was great, food, conversation, and random web searches.

back again

oh it’s been a long time. Again. Macky admonished me. Told me to write in my blog. He’s updated his site, added some new art. Definitely worth a look-see. His editorial drawings crack me up (and make me cry). His… (READ MORE)


grrr… having a hard time right now. fell yesterday, re-injuring the same ankle I’ve been trying to heal for over a year. Then got back to my house and discovered that someone had broken into my car and stolen the… (READ MORE)

much going on

whew! life is very complicated right now. getting ready to head off to Peru, getting ready for the SF Lindy Exchange (which I’m organizing), trying to finish up some work. so why am I blogging? because i need to get… (READ MORE)

out of shape

Just returned from Yosemite, and I’m really really sore. More my muscles, but my ankle took a bit of a beating as well. We hiked around 16 miles on Saturday, most of the way up Half Dome, but then I… (READ MORE)


whew! time is a-flyin’ by. Since I last posted, Troy (yes, he has a name) and I have become positively cemented together. Strange only in that it’s all happening fast, but somehow it feels right. He’s also a major traveller,… (READ MORE)

has it been 15 years?

15 years… Reunion was a pretty… uh… interesting experience. It was good to see people, fun to laugh about stuff we did. Very interesting to catch up with old friends, nearly all of whom were talking about their spouses, many… (READ MORE)


For my birthday, I did something I haven’t done in a long time: I was completely unplugged for 3 days! No email, no logging on, no work… It was kindof amazing. I just enjoyed Disneyland & playing. Actually took a… (READ MORE)

emotional dualism

Suffering a little emotional dualism these days… on the one hand I’m all giggly and stupid about the new boy (and trying to be cautious and not overly invested at the same time)… on the other, I’m working on a… (READ MORE)