feeling out of sorts

…which happens to me somewhat frequently. Pretty much related to spending too much time alone (and since I work at home this does come up). My work world feels very successful, and like I’m about to become far more successful in the near future. I feel as if just about everything else in my world either is in flux or should be.

I’m currently dissatisfied with my household and that doesn’t help. Feeling like just packing up everything and moving to LA. I don’t fully know why there (there are contributing factors, but they are not all-consuming).

I’ve been sitting here, writing away and then erasing it because friends read this. So you are getting the edited version. A different dynamic of the average blog, where people are writing to the world at large without knowing who their readers are. Koji & I talked about this a bit at the beginning, but I’m noticing it especially today since I’ve actually erased things.

Maybe I just need to go do my laundry and then I’ll feel better.