pet peeves

Doing laundry really is satisfying. One thing that you should NOT do, however, is wait to wash things that went into the ocean. oooh stinky!

speaking of stinky, some of my pet peeves (because that’s the kind of mood I’m in right now), in no particular order:

1) stinky hippie guys, especially the one at the hip hop club last night who was so rank that we (dancing near him) started to feel ill — and that he seemed to stay near us for a while

2) the silent treatment (currently experiencing this from my roommate and it bites)

3) public displays of moodiness

4) people who can’t park

5) William Wegman

6) beginning leaders who curtly tell me what move I *should* have done when we’re dancing instead of considering that I might not have been able to follow their lead. This especially sucks when they then give me a little lesson on the dance floor or if they had risked injury with their lead. A part of me always hopes that they then see me dancing later with an advanced lead and realized that I’m an advanced dancer.

7) my feeling guilty all the time about something. it’s true. I do feel guilty all the time about something.

8) people who say they hate an entire cuisine based on one experience and are unwilling to try again

9) online flaming

10) once again: the silent treatment. without talking about it or a good old-fashioned fight, how are we supposed to get past the issue?

That’s enough for now. Time to get dressed for dancing.