I’m currently sitting at the Apple Store in the Grove. Waiting for my turn at the “Genius Bar.” I’m glad they have a wireless network so I can keep myself busy.

Life feels really nutty at the same time it’s strangely empty. I’m working a lot at Arcwelder, working on a big HIV writing project, and generally not much else. I talk to Troy via yahoo chat or IM, or by phone if he can find a signal. Life feels oddly like I’m waiting. Some of it is me preparing (studying German, trying to get future writing projects, reading about Austria), and that’s an odd place to be.

I’m a little worried about getting work in Austria. And not at all sure how this whole “documentary career” is going to happen.

At some point I have to get my feet back in contact with the earth. I must remember the fabulous time we had clambering around in Carlsbad Caverns on New Year’s Day. Somehow crawling through the mud, squeezing through small passages in the rock, and working my way down a crevasse with arms and legs spanning the gap — and doing it all with Troy — was just the most excellent thing.

In entirely other news… I have another nephew on the way!