preparing for departure

just realizing that I leave in a few days. Tuesday, to be exact. My parents left for the Philippines two nights ago. So far, no bad news.

Joyce, who I wrote about on 6/21, has invited me to join their group for some of the workshops with tribal artists and performers. Sounds excellent. Signs are pointing in neon that I need to join them — the group has reservations at my family’s hotel during the time I’ll be staying there. I suppose it’s a good thing I saw her here, otherwise I might see her for the first time in 5 years in Davao and that would definitely freak even me out.

Last night went to see a lot of short films of varying quality. A very nice surprise was seeing Cherisma again (one of the best & most beautiful actresses I’ve worked with), with the added bonus of her telling me that I’m one of her 2 favorite directors. She has some plot for a documentary project. I may be getting into yet another one.

I suppose I have to start thinking about what to pack, etc. All I’ve been thinking about is video gear, but I suppose I really should have some clothes, too…