Adventures in Book Cover Design

I am very pleased to report that I found a book jacket designer! He’s just amazing and easy to work with. In fact, after just one conversation he cranked out a beautiful design that blew my mind. Seeing it, I thought, “This is really happening! My book is going to be real!” At the same time, I knew that it wasn’t quite right and would need some tweaks before it was done.

I showed the design to a handful of trusted friends for their feedback. Most were completely in line with what I was thinking. Then one said something that made the designer and me decide to start over: “That’s really beautiful. And really feminine. I can’t see a guy picking up that book in the bookstore and thinking it’s for him.”

Pow. Insightful and spot on. We toyed with the idea of creating two jackets with the same interior (it will be digital publishing after all) but have decided instead to scrap it altogether and find the right design.

I felt a little momentum slide as a result, but it’s the right decision. And it will be amazing to have the right cover once we find it!