Report from the LGBT film festival

Report from the Lesbian/Gay Film Festival for today:

Did see “American Mullet” this afternoon. Just hilarious. It was quite long, since the makers were committed to exploring the full world of mullets, so they travelled all over and got a wide variety of mullets represented. One of my favorite women in it had quite a philosophical take on her mullet, seeing it as emblematic of her drive to escape gender boundaries, being as the mullet is a hairstyle that is worn by both men and women. Also, she pointed out that the mullet is popular among lesbians and among poor straight white men. Poor straight white men who would never hang out with lesbians, and lesbians would never hang out with them. But the mullet is something that they share. The audience applauded her. I just loved that.

Tonight saw the first feature-length lesbian film to come out of China, “Fish & Elephant.” Quite an amazing feat, really, to get that piece made. Ran into a lot of friends at the screening that I haven’t seen for a long time, including Koko, the crowd favorite in Ming & my last documentary. She’s now out to her whole family and going to have a commitment ceremony to her girlfriend in September…and the whole family is coming! It’s just amazing. In the Cianna-adds-a-new-project-to-her-plate category, I told her that I absolutely wanted to do a follow-up to our doc, and do a short piece on them getting ready for the wedding etc. A what-happened-to-Koko-after-our-doc kind of thing. She agreed. So I guess I have something else to shoot now.

For those of you who haven’t been around my ramblings in the last couple of months, I’ll fill you in on the rest of my projects as I go along. I believe that if I break the list to you slowly, it’s more believable. And maybe you may be more likely to think of me as creative instead of just scattered.

Oh, key information that I neglected to put into my previous posts: I’m leaving for the Philippines on July 2, and will be there until August 5. My aunt left for there tonight, and my parents will be leaving in a week. We’re in rotation. It’s a little different from a coordinated family vacation, and was the best we could do on our schedules.

Time to curl up now and watch the US/Mexico game.