Getting Outside My Bubble

A casual and incomplete list of things that I’ve read and watched to get an understanding of communities in the United States outside of my bubble.

I define my bubble in lots of ways, but for the purposes of this list it’s primarily demarcated as: Educated, urban, economically privileged, raised on the West Coast or Northeast.

Things that are inside my bubble which many people have outside of theirs: Immigration, mixed-race experience, queer community, the AIDS crisis, chronic injury, being a woman; I may or may not include anything related to that on this list.

This is a list of things which have informed my understanding the lives of people with a different economic situation, educational access, racial makeup, physical ability, and any other point of access that I think it’s important for me to better understand. Some things may not directly intended to help people learn about that community and yet I still came away with a revelation along the lines of, “I would never have thought of that as a given part of daily life.” Lastly, I’m including experiences outside the U.S. of communities that are impacted by the behaviors of those inside of my bubble.

This is purely a personal list and you are welcome to write to me to suggest things to include. You are also welcome to share this list. I hope that these resources help you.

I hope that all of us will make an effort to sit with discomfort and change our world so it becomes kinder and better for all.


The Bubble Escape List

Between the World and Me (book)

Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis (book)

The True Cost (documentary)

The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant (documentary)

Science vs: Guns (podcast)

Learning from Dirty Jobs (TED talk)

This American Life: Three Miles (podcast)


Suggested by others, not yet watched/read/heard

The Overnighters (documentary)

The Interrupters (documentary)

If a Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front (documentary)