Adding CreateSpace after publishing on IngramSpark

There are many authors who use CreateSpace for Amazon distribution of their paperbacks and IngramSpark for paperback distribution everywhere else. There are many good reasons for this covered in many articles, including this really good one from the Alliance of… (READ MORE)

Cover Margins

Note that when designing a cover that will be “perfect bound” (softcover, glued) that there will be a crease 10mm in from the edge where the top page is glued to the cover. Most of the guides talk about the… (READ MORE)

ISBN numbers & print proofs

[updated] Originally, I thought the whole story was, “Don’t use purchased ISBN numbers when uploading test copies for you to review print proofs.” Now I recognize that 1) this was a Blurb-specific admonition, and 2) I need to slow down… (READ MORE)

problems with the print version

I’ve decided I want to share the process of becoming a self-published author. I’m partway in and plan to go back and fill in the “how did I get to this point” gap. Then again, I hear that it’s going… (READ MORE)

Wow. Longform Podcast interview with Hillary Clinton

  Wow. I have been resisting reading Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened,” because – well… heartbreak. I couldn’t bear it. But I love the Longform Podcast. They thoughtfully interview writers, podcasters, journalists, and others who create non-fiction. The focus is… (READ MORE)

Book Report: “Give & Take” by Adam Grant

I thoroughly enjoyed Adam Grant’s “Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success” and think everyone should read it – particularly those of us who feel awkward about networking or doing something that would benefit from promotion but feel… (READ MORE)

Daily Habits Scoresheet

I’d say one of my biggest problems challenges is consistency. Exhibit A: This blog. I know about lots of things that, if done consistently, would improve my physical health, mental health, and productivity. Heck, I’ve even coached people to do… (READ MORE)

Ask Stupid Questions

So many times we’ve heard someone say “There are no stupid questions.” They’re trying to invite us to ask any question that comes to mind. But we don’t trust this phrase because too often even though this is said, we… (READ MORE)

contemplating the use of headlines

This morning I reposted here┬ásomething that I originally posted on Facebook. I did it because I wanted to save it, to edit it, and to share it in a different medium. It was all fine until I had to write… (READ MORE)

my destructive self-talk

My destructive self-talk often stems from having an over-abundance of interests duking it out with over-achieving perfectionist expectations. “If only I could focus on something and commit then I could actually get REALLY good at it!” I know this is… (READ MORE)