Jake Day

It’s a Jake Shimabakuro kind of day.

contemplation on steam

making coffee, half-awake, I watched the liquid in the pot heating, saw the steam rising, watched the tiniest of bubbles on the surface. They bounced off each other, jostling at ever-greater speeds as they heated up and I thought about… (READ MORE)

on using “their” vs “his or hers”

The question of whether or not to use “their” to replace the awkward “his or hers” has been the eye of a grammarian hurricane for some time now. I’ve found that this usage has been generally accepted, particularly in the… (READ MORE)

Adoptive Couple vs Baby Girl

Wow. I just heard the incredible Radiolab episode, “Adoptive Couple vs Baby Girl.” This is about a very complex case (originally written up in Slate) triggered by what at first glance seems to be just a custody case. But then… (READ MORE)

A Spoon Can Change How You Think

This is the kind of study that I adore: Researchers at the University of Oxford decided to test if the choice of a spoon affected the flavor and other qualities of food. Turns out it does! Spoons made of metal… (READ MORE)

Lagrangian Drifters

Today’s research led me to learning about various ways to study ocean currents, using either the Lagrangian or Eulerian method of measurement. You can set something in the water and let it drift with the current (getting “Lagrangian measurements”) or… (READ MORE)

Having Compassion for the Wealthy

I’m currently reading The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist. In it, I was struck by this: My fund-raising work with the very wealthy taught me that, surprisingly, wealth is no protection from human suffering. …People with excess wealth – not… (READ MORE)

Glimpsing the Future

This past week I had the privilege of working on the Innovation Partnership Program, an event co-created by XPRIZE and Singularity University. The speakers were absolutely amazing. For four days I listened to an incredible array of men and one… (READ MORE)

The Power of Listening

I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about communication – primarily between individual people, and between businesses and their customers/clients/partners. It’s important to create the space to listen. “Creating space” certainly includes staying quiet so that someone else can speak…. (READ MORE)