I love Legos

OK, I’m a big fan of Legos. In fact I nearly drove off the road when I saw a sign for “Legoland” — see, I’d never heard of Legoland before. I just saw the sign on the side of the… (READ MORE)

Poverty USA

Poverty USA. It’s really striking. Go visit.

robot escape

This is fabulous. Paul told me a about this intelligent robot making a break for it. Paul feels a certain compassion for robots. They do a lot of our work and we don’t even say thanks, sometimes even forgetting about… (READ MORE)

Kissing in Manhattan

Just finished an amazing book that I had never heard anything about, which I picked up on a whim after reading the first page. I love it when that happens. “Kissing In Manhatten” by David Schickler. It’s his first novel…. (READ MORE)

toys and beatboxing

oh just checked out The Asian Pacific American Toy Chest, which I found through the angry asian man‘s blog (thanks, k, for that lead). So so brilliant! I have to add a list of the toys that I’ve always wished… (READ MORE)


I have to post something to diffuse my last 2 complain-y posts, so here’s a list of random things that give me joy: 1) salty sour foods 2) 4-way stoplights where you can cross the street on a diagonal 3)… (READ MORE)

[rant deleted]

Just heard that the other unit in this townhouse complex just rented out for $500/month cheaper than what we’re paying. I think it’s time to go talk to the landlords and maybe renegotiate this lease. It’s before midnight and I… (READ MORE)

pet peeves

Doing laundry really is satisfying. One thing that you should NOT do, however, is wait to wash things that went into the ocean. oooh stinky! speaking of stinky, some of my pet peeves (because that’s the kind of mood I’m… (READ MORE)

not acting my age

it can be fun. Last night went out to hear some hip hop dj’s. At one point in the evening I wondered why I was supposed to give that up? And then, looking at my general behavior this past week… (READ MORE)

feeling out of sorts

…which happens to me somewhat frequently. Pretty much related to spending too much time alone (and since I work at home this does come up). My work world feels very successful, and like I’m about to become far more successful… (READ MORE)