becoming a documentary maker

I was not feeling so great about the stuff that I shot in the Philippines for this documentary about the dance instructors (DIs), but on Monday night I showed some of the clips to Audrey & Nan (the only two… (READ MORE)

dancing dancing dancing

This weekend was happily filled with dances, conversation, food and friends. I love having people over at my house. Some interesting critiques of my room. Criticisms, really. Or concerns. See, my bedroom is also my office and right now it… (READ MORE)

with a mouthful of brandied apricots

Taking a break from cleaning up/out my room… Having guests over is the only motivator that works to get me to really clear this place out. I feel like I’ve been on vacation for a couple of months now. It’s… (READ MORE)

Quick Hello & Goodbye…

Goodbye to the Philippines, that is & a hello to you all after several days’ break. I’ve been diving, traveled to Manila, danced some more and will tell all when I have a better connection. Right now, I’m heading out… (READ MORE)

Davao report: classic travelog entry

a regular travelog entry, complete with missed connections, improvisation, and beautiful scenery The plan was simple: Jerome, Arvin, Gwyneth & I would take a ferry to a public beach resort and spend the night. Arvin preferred a tent to a… (READ MORE)

Manila report: dry, dance, drama

super quick update all. I’m in Manila, and it’s dry. Seems the typhoons have headed north and assaulting Japan. Maraming baha up there, walang dito. Down here all floods are emotional — I thought there was drama in the regular… (READ MORE)

Davao report: Election day

election day yesterday most of the businesses in the Philippines were closed for elections. I happen to think it’s not such a bad idea trying to encourage people to vote by releasing them from work. On the other hand, some… (READ MORE)