Davao report: accents blending

ok. my arm has recovered and I’m ready for more. I’m now waiting, impatiently, for a call from my friend who want to take me out windsurfing, hoping to get me hooked enough to be part of the women’s team… (READ MORE)

Davao report: feeling local again

…propping up my sore left arm so I can type this out. Yesterday’s kayaking was excellent…but tough for a once-strong-now-weak person like myself. It was about 11 kilometers (nearly 7 miles) round-trip from Santa Ana Pier across the bay to… (READ MORE)

Davao report: settling in

ahh… I’m now finally kicking in various activities that bring me here to Davao. Tomorrow I’ll go sea kayaking and Sunday I’ll be diving. Monday night a group of us might go to a beach to spend the night. It’s… (READ MORE)

Davao report: dry, craving a dive, dancing

I don’t know you if you’ve been hearing about it where you are, but Manila has been assaulted by typhoon rains for the last couple of weeks. Streets are flooded, people are travelling by boat and rafts made of styrofoam… (READ MORE)

Davao at 256K

256K! ahhh…. the joys of internet cafes! I’m now surrounded by tech savvy teens in a 24 hour net cafe (what a happy insomniac am I!) where I can blog away at 35 cents/hour. Something for me to do when… (READ MORE)


Landed! Here in Davao, at the family hotel. The air stepping off the plane was warm and comforting, like a down blanket. I find it just fine. All my travels here were very uneventful — happily so. I’m very pleased… (READ MORE)

Hong Kong layover & the religion of coincidences

Hong Kong layover I’ve landed safely in Hong Kong. 13 hours of flying, 17 hours total airport/plane time. I now acknowledge there is no wisdom in packing when underslept and fresh off the throes of the high-fashion pride parade. I… (READ MORE)

specialized shoes

15 minutes until the shuttle gets here. I’m all packed, and bringing just a ridiculous amount of stuff. Usually I’m a light packer, but something snapped in my head and I had a shoe panic, and am not willing to… (READ MORE)

considering adventure racing, not packing

OK. I should not be writing here. I should be packing. I’ll get to it shortly. Yes, I’m leaving in a matter of hours. The U.S. State Department has not issued any new travel advisories, and the word out of… (READ MORE)

preparation, Einstein’s brain

the countdown to departure truly started today in my head. I’m running out of time to get things done, and I’m getting more excited to be there. I think it’s time for me to be in a different place, maybe… (READ MORE)