preparing for departure

just realizing that I leave in a few days. Tuesday, to be exact. My parents left for the Philippines two nights ago. So far, no bad news. Joyce, who I wrote about on 6/21, has invited me to join their… (READ MORE)

new art from Christy Beckwith

art bought a plate from Christy Beckwith. Very beautiful abstract pattern on the side with a quirky painting of a dress and boots in the center, along with the following words: Well okay. So there was a mild discrepancy between… (READ MORE)

Religion of Coincidences, meditation #2

Yesterday, went to Claire’s birthday party. She and I met through swing dancing, and a significant number of people there were dancers. Her sister, Danielle, was also there, along with her roommates and a friend of Danielle’s, Leonard. I meet… (READ MORE)

Philippines update

Yesterday’s big news is that Philippine troops are thought to have killed Abu Sabaya, leader of the Abu Sayyaf. They haven’t found the body yet, but they know he was wounded and fell into the ocean. Today, the government intends… (READ MORE)

Religion of Coincidences, Meditation #1

ok. so if I believed in some kind of master plan or in the religion of coincidences, I’d have plenty of proof in my world. Tonight a series of events with an unexpected end result: 1) a client decides to… (READ MORE)

new video camera!

Yippee! I just got my mini DV video camera! Finally! Now I can start putting words and thoughts into action and make all these random docs that are running around in my head. I’m sooooo happy! What first? Getting used… (READ MORE)

Mullett triggers rant

Just interviewed Jennifer Arnold, the director of “American Mullet.” I was wrong about her. She does not have a mullet. She did cut her very long hair into one while she was making the documentary, but now her hair is… (READ MORE)

Report from the LGBT film festival

Report from the Lesbian/Gay Film Festival for today: Did see “American Mullet” this afternoon. Just hilarious. It was quite long, since the makers were committed to exploring the full world of mullets, so they travelled all over and got a… (READ MORE)

FBI in the Philippines

The FBI is not being all that helpful in the Philippines right now. Word is, some agents sprung a wanted man, an American “treasure hunter” named Michael Meiring, from a Davao hospital last month. It’s news now because a new… (READ MORE)

intro to the journal

why journal? The most justifiable reason is to allay the fears of my friends who question the wisdom of my upcoming trip. I will be spending 5 weeks in the Southern Philippines. Reports from there are conflicting: today a local… (READ MORE)