The Courage to be Goofy

In her wonderful blog, Ordinary Courage, Brene Brown wrote: “It takes courage to be awkward, goofy, and silly.” This made me think of so many things at once. I remembered that when I was directing theater, I would challenge actors… (READ MORE)

Letting Go of the Need To Be Right

“Communication is only as good as how it lands.” This is one of the most clear and true things that I’ve learned in recent months. I’ve witnessed (and been part of) numerous arguments which included the words “that’s not what… (READ MORE)

This music video needs a credit reel

Really fun video by Howard Jones – especially great for dancers. It makes me wish that music videos had a credit reel. The director, archivist, and editor should get props for this.

Surreal Nerdy Wet Dream IRL

On Public Radio, Neil Gaiman asks Adam Savage to reprise his rendition of “I Will Survive” in the voice of Gollum.  


I’m very intrigued by the Lytro “light field camera” technology. Can’t wait to get my hands on one and try it out. I’m thinking it will be a really interesting online storytelling device. I’m not so interested in it as… (READ MORE)