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I am blessed

“Blessed” always has such a strange ring to me. I took issue with the word first when I rejected religious institutions as a child, and then later when I encountered people who I felt overused the term as they cruised… (READ MORE)

Last Impression

We think and talk a lot about “making a good first impression” but not as much about “making a good last impression.” The last impression is the one you’ll go back to and think about and have to live with… (READ MORE)

Sharing Your Mana

I love wrapping presents. Yes, partially because it’s creative, but mostly because it’s so much more.¬†While I’m folding papers and gluing little bits of this and that to the outside, I’m imagining the recipient’s reaction upon seeing this thing that’s… (READ MORE)

The decision to stop complaining

Sometime in January or February of 2006 I gave myself a serious challenge: I decided to stop complaining. It had been about seven months since my One And Only Forever had dumped me unceremoniously and without warning, taking with him… (READ MORE)

small act, big reaction

This morning I needed a little jolt to get me started so I stopped by Peet’s. Ahead of me in line was a man in his late 50s/early 60s. He had stooped shoulders under his outdoorsy jacket, was slightly balding,… (READ MORE)

believing in love

When completing a profile for Facebook, one section says “Religious views:” I appreciate that they left it open ended — not a drop-down menu — so you can fill it in any way that you want. I automatically left it… (READ MORE)

An abundance of hugs

This morning I cuddled with my friends’ 2 1/2-year-old daughter. She sat on my lap and we read together. Then I picked up her giggling squirming body sideways and did a few bicep curls punctuated by belly kisses. After, I… (READ MORE)

face at rest

When I was younger, I noticed that some people looked angry or sad when their faces were at rest. That is, when they weren’t thinking about anything in particular — or at least they didn’t look like they were thinking… (READ MORE)

praising Chink-O-Rama

tonight I start a blog in response to a request from a bassist who periodically and unpredictably appears in my world – technically a re-start of a blog I have taken too long a pause from. Tonight an evening of… (READ MORE)