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Which has more pull: Past or Future?

This idea caught my attention the other day: Learning to pay attention to the difference between taking an action in order to avoid the past vs. taking an action in order to realize a possible future. When I’m motivated by… (READ MORE)

The Courage to be Goofy

In her wonderful blog, Ordinary Courage, Brene Brown wrote: “It takes courage to be awkward, goofy, and silly.” This made me think of so many things at once. I remembered that when I was directing theater, I would challenge actors… (READ MORE)

Must watch: Marwencol

Marwencol is an astonishing documentary. Even more amazing is the director’s ability to let the story reveal itself. Everyone should see this film.

Before I Die – by Candy Chang

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget what really matters to you. Before I Die is an inspired piece of public art + activism by Candy Chang. It started in New Orleans, and has now gone around… (READ MORE)

“I’m only 6 but…”

I very quickly fell in love with the blog Letters of Note. This is one of my favorite entries: “I am only 6 but I think I can do this job.” 

Letting the body lead the mind

Years ago I read about a fascinating psychology study. Research subjects were instructed to watch a short film clip while holding a pencil in their mouths. As I remember it, the film had no words and it showed a man… (READ MORE)

I am blessed

“Blessed” always has such a strange ring to me. I took issue with the word first when I rejected religious institutions as a child, and then later when I encountered people who I felt overused the term as they cruised… (READ MORE)